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Your Child’s Safety

1. Those in charge of the child/children are solely responsible for the control, care and safety of their child/children at all times whilst at Jump. Jump cannot accept any such responsibility.

2. Those in charge of the child/children are under no circumstances allowed to leave the building without taking the child/children within their care with them.

3. Jump reserves the right to require anyone, child or adult, to leave if their behaviour is likely to threaten the safety or enjoyment of others.

4. All notices regarding the safe use of the equipment must be observed at all times. Refusal to observe these notices will result in the child or adult being asked to leave as in 3 above.
5. In the event of any accident or injury please report to a member of the team.

6. We reserve the right to limit periods of play during weekends and school holidays – minimum play entitlement 2 hours subject to advertised opening times.

7. Children’s dress code:
Socks must be worn at all times.
Shoes must not be worn on any of the equipment.

8. We recommend that children wear clothing which covers their arms and legs whilst playing. Jewellery, and any loose objects in pockets should be removed prior to play.

9. The toddler area is specifically designed for children of a height of 1 metre or less. Children taller than 1 metre should refrain from using this area. Please see our leaflet on toddler safety for further details.

10. In the centres that feature a drop slide, the minimum height for a child to use this equipment is 1.2 metres.

11. Food and drink must not be taken into the toddler area or on to any of the play equipment without exception.

12. Jump premises are alcohol free. Any customer found to be consuming or under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave.

13. We are strictly a no smoking venue. This includes not permitting the use of electronic devices on our premises.

14. Jump takes no responsibility for property lost or left behind on the premises. Found items will be donated to charity if not collected within 14 days.

15. Closed Circuit Camera’s are part of the security procedures of the building and are for the sole use of the Company only.

Entry is based upon customer acceptance and adherence of the above stated rules.

Our team are here to help -please ask if you need assistance.

Things that you might want to know

How do I know my child is safe at Jump?
We have been inspected and approved by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA), and an independent disabilities consultant. We also perform daily equipment checks and regular scheduled maintenance on all of our equipment.

Can I use the equipment with my child?
As part of a great family experience you are actively encouraged to join in the fun with your child/children.

Can my 3 year old and 7 year old play together?
As part of the family fun they can play together in the play frames, the sports pitch, the amusements. Designated areas such as the toddler zones, and drop slides (where featured), may be restricted by height/age. These restrictions are enforced in key areas to assist in the safety and comfort of our visitors.

Why is the sports pitch sometimes unavailable?
At Jump we host fantastic parties and run activities that sometimes require exclusive use of the football pitch. During these periods we would encourage our guests to make use of one of the many other features within our centres such as the slides, climbing wall (where featured), or café.

Can I leave my child while I go shopping?
We do not offer crèche facilities. Adults must remain at the centre with their child/children for the duration of the visit.

Can I leave the building and return later?
Your entrance ticket is only valid whilst you remain in the building. It does not entitle you to readmission to the building later in the day.

Can I leave my 15 yr old in charge of my children?
No, it is the policy of the company that:
16-18 year olds are allowed to supervise their own children
18+ are allowed to supervise children which are not their own

Can my children over the age of 12 enter the centre?
Teenagers can enter Jump if they are accompanying a parent and a younger sibling. They will be charged at an adult rate and are asked to use the equipment in a manner supportive to younger children, in the same way that adults act.
Failure to do so could result in them being asked to leave.

Why do adults have to pay?
Adults are encouraged to join in the fun by using the equipment in the centre.
We also provide a wide choice of newspapers and magazines and free wireless internet. In the centres that feature a climbing wall, adults can climb for free.

Where can I put my shoes when I go on the soft play areas?
There are lockers available for your use. There is a fully refundable deposit of £5 for the keys – please ask the reception team.

Can we bring our own food onto the premises?
Jump has a wonderful cafe restaurant which provides an extensive range of hot and cold food and drinks. We therefore respectfully request that customers do not bring their own food or drink onto the premises. Please note that food and drink is not permitted in the toddler zones or on the equipment.

Do you have a special needs policy?
To reflect the fact that they will be unable to utilise the equipment to its full potential, any adult or child with a blue badge will receive free admission.

Can adults with special needs use the play equipment?
Each case will be judged on its own merits and will ultimately be at the discretion of the centre manager. This must be agreed and arranged with a Jump Manager either by telephone or in person in advance of your proposed visit.

Can I take pictures/videos of my family and friends?
You are welcome to take pictures of your children, but when doing so we would
ask that you make every effort to ensure that you only take images of children
that are in your group.

What do I do if I have a comment or suggestion?
Please speak to any member of the team – they will refer your points to the department or duty manager. Alternatively we provide a comment box in reception and welcome feedback and suggestions.